construction management gone bad

Why Do Good Construction Projects Go Bad?

5 Ways to Protect Your Investment and Your Sanity   The horror stories are out there, and they’re growing in number: skeletal buildings months behind schedule, subcontractors vanishing without warning, material shortages as sudden and unexpected as a horror movie jump scare. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, just […]

How Construction Software Can Help With Your Next Project

How Construction Software Can Help With Your Next Project There is no shortage of moving parts when it comes to a construction project. Factors such as budget, equipment, schedules, materials, and weather are a few of the countless considerations that project managers must balance.  As a result, it is common […]

The Return of the Owner Insite Construction Podcast

Today marks the return of the Owner Insite Construction Podcast! And we are planning on releasing plenty of episodes in the near future! Starting off, we are releasing the audio version of our recent webinar series that we hosted. Our CEO, Steve Harper, interviewed Brandon Boyter, the Executive Director of […]

Change Orders And The Hidden Cost To Your Project Budget

Change orders are inevitable on most construction projects. Sometimes materials that were originally spec’d aren’t available and therefore replacement items have to be ordered instead. Often with a higher cost. Funny how that works. Other times, errors undiscovered in the planning phase pop up and inevitably result in a change […]


COVID-19 Response Results

Without warning, a pandemic swept across the United States and pushed our emergency response systems into the spotlight. In an effort to strike a balance between economic and physical health as a nation, many industries were shut down. For those in the construction field, it seemed that being named an […]

Blue Lynk

Blue Lynk Integration

Owner Insite is proud to announce a new partnership with Blue Lynk. This partnership is a game changer for teams in the construction space, providing the best medium for efficient and effective management of digital construction documentation and project data.