COVID-19 Response Results

Without warning, a pandemic swept across the United States and pushed our emergency response systems into the spotlight. In an effort to strike a balance between economic and physical health as a nation, many industries were shut down. For those in the construction field, it seemed that being named an […]

Blue Lynk

Blue Lynk Integration

Owner Insite is proud to announce a new partnership with Blue Lynk. This partnership is a game changer for teams in the construction space, providing the best medium for efficient and effective management of digital construction documentation and project data.

Helping Companies Fight COVID-19

Owner Insite is helping companies fight the COVID-19 virus. We are undoubtedly in a difficult time across the country. Our deepest condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the virus. Our nation is a fight and […]

Your Legal Life – Document Retention

Preserve Your Construction Data Because Your Legal Life May Depend On It. Last year we launched which is a free tool that allows anyone to look up the document retention and litigation hold requirements for any state. Why did we create this? Good question. Bad situation. We had a […]

Campus Detail at a glance

Campus Detail At A Glance

We are excited about a strategic alliance with our friends at Facility Insite (formerly called BondPlanner). Our goal is help school district leaders employ a better way to identify, track and update all the important information from each of their campuses. Every district leader needs to know the details and […]

The Podcast Is Back!

We really have no excuse for not being more consistent after starting the podcast last yea…except we got super busy. Busy means growth. Busy means we’re doing something right. Busy also meant we interrupted the momentum and interest we saw from our first couple of episodes. We’re sorry about that. […]